Saturday, 25 September 2010

So much to think about.

It will soon be Christmas, and I am sure that like me everyone is begining to wonder, what to try to do next.
If like me you have a number of online shops and web-sites, you will be trying to promote and get yourself noticed.

If you would like to take a look at any of my stores, just follow the links.

I have a couple of craft fairs coming up, but the one that I am really excited, nervous and having sleepless nights about is on the 4th Dec at Sherborne in Somerset.

If you know Sherborne you will know that it is a very old and quite wealthy town.

The fair is right opposite the beautiful Abbey, and I will find it quite hard not to abandon my stall in order to soak up the atmosphere and take loads of pictures.

I have a wedding to photograph in mid Oct, (the bride to be caught me in a moment of weakness, and persuded me and convinced me that I could do it). When I saw her yesterday I asked her if she was getting nervous yet and she said no (just me then).

So please send positive thoughts and luck, I will let you know how I get on and hopefully post some photos.

Blog to you all soon.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Had a bit of a tidy up

So we are already in September,which means we will soon be starting to think about Christmas, and having the family round. Which means having a good autumn clear out.
So I have had a bit of a tidy up of my web-site, and made the pricing a lot clearer, so when the drop down menu is used it's not quite so messy.
So why not have a look around, and see if you can get any ideas for presents, for yourself or your loved ones.
Remember a piece of wall art is not just for Christmas.
Have a great weekend.
Off out with Skeet now.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It was a Friday evening,the sun was shining and the sky was blue, and from the moment I saw her, I was head-over-heels in love.
Her name is Megan, and she is a magnificent and very statuesque Harrier Hawk.
I had been pestering her Falconeer Steve to let me take some photographs of her for months,but when if first met her, I was stunned by her beauty and grace.
Megan is 6 years old, and is the pround parent of a male Harrier Hawk.
I was told that she now needs to get down to her flying weight,for her to be able to hunt as nature intended, free,fast and deadly.
The Harrier Hawk,as most birds of prey,kill their food instantly with their powerful talons,and their exceptional eyesight allows them to see their food from great distances.
When you have a Harrier Hawk on your arm,you can feel the power and strenght of the talons of these magnifencet creatures even through the heavy falconeers glove.

Megan in accompaned on her hunting by two very friendly and playful Springer Spaniels.
These working dogs are a pair, and Steve is hoping that Jess and Tom will mate and have puppies,so guess where I will be, right there with my camera, taking puppy pictures.

Steve and his wife Mary, are the most contented and happy couple, and being in the company of these dogs and birds, I can understand why.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Long Time No Blog

So it is 3.07 by the sounds going on it must mean the football is about to start.
Have taken refuge with Skeet and the computer, he is crashed out by my feet,(which means I can hardly move) the heat is not good if you have a double fur coat like he has, bless him. We went for his walk in the country lanes at 6.30am,so that we didn't get too hot and bothered.
If you get the chance take a look at I am a featured seller, and Laurie has done a bio of me.
This is going to be a really quick blog because I have still got a lot to do a woman never really gets a day off.
Got to go, mentioned the word bath to Skeet and he's gone!
Come on boy,the buckets of water arn't really for you.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

When no means no, (and how to get out of trouble)

I am so bad,and I am in so much trouble. They went out without me and I got bored. I am not allowed to chew the doorframe anymore, and they have moved everything in the kitchen out of my reach.
So I don't know how I managed it,but I jumped over the child-gate that keeps me in the kitchen and out of the rest of the house. And then I created bedlam; I have totally wrecked the whole house. I have been in the bedrooms and thrown everything out of the waste bin and torn the bin into pieces, some of it is in the bedroom and some of it is on the stairs, and a lot of it is in the living room.
I have taken all the clothes of the airier and strewn it all over the house, I have totally blitzed the magazines and newspapers. And I have opened up and removed from the packaging their new duvet cover and pillowcases that only arrived this morning. Did I say that I think that I am in big trouble? But if I can get back over the gate and pretend to be asleep, maybe they won't know that I did it.
Well their back, and at first I thought that I had got away with it. For a spilt second they weren't sure if they had been robbed, the house is such a state,and to this day they still don't know how I got over the gate.(I do but I shan't be doing that again)
They decide that I have to be punished,what are they going to do? Are they going to shout at me? Are they going to smack me? Julie is walking towards me. No you are a naughty boy, she says.
I try to cuddle up to her and she tells me to lay on my bed and stay. But I want to make it up to her,but I am told No I must stay in my bed,and then they both walk away from me and close the door.
I feel so bad, it has taken two large black bin liners to clear everything up and they walk past me like I don't exist. The house and the mess have been cleaned up, and they give me what they went out to get, a new bed, I am so bad. Still never mind I am only a puppy, and I know not to do that again,(well not on such a grand scale anyway)
So how did I get round them you ask, well I did the sit down and lean back routine,that I used to get them in the first place. That worked on Nick,Julie was a bit harder,but I just put my head on her lap, and gave her my I am Sooo sorry look, that in the end she had to forgive me. (It works every time)
See you next week.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So many web-sites so little time

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
So many web-sites so little time

Afternoon all.
I am beginning to feel so swamped by all the forum,blogs,twitters,facebook and other sites that I am promoting on, that I have been neglecting my own personal web-site.
I haven't been properly promoting it for a while,and it shows. (Google Analytics is a wonderful thing)
So this is all about Here you will find an abundance of images,which can be purchased on my site via Pay Pal. You can choose the size and have an option for posters which are printed on a Epsom professional large format printer; onto 350g semi-matte paper. Or as a canvas print which is printed on brilliant white canvas.
Just click on the image that you like and go to the drop-down menu for size and finish.
Please feel free to visit the guest-book and leave any feed-back or comments, I would love to know what you think.
I now really need to get on with the garden and water my veg,which is growing really well, considering that I just plant them and let them get on with it.
Have a great week, and don't forget to visit.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

10% OFF

10% OFF all items in my Folksy Shop. One week only starting Sat 1st May,take a look and grab a bargain for you or a special person.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Vet and first walk

We are going for a drive in the car. Apparently we are going to the vets,(to see the man in the white coat). I am going to have my last lot of injections. I need to have these so that I am ok to go out for walks. (not quite sure what walks are but I am looking forward to it.) It is a lady in a white coat that I actually see. She makes a big fuss of me and puts me up on a big table. She tries to look into my mouth to make sure that my teeth are growing alright. Nick tells her they seem ok, he says that I have no trouble chewing through the doorframe in the kitchen, I am so proud that I am obviously doing that right,(Well I must be, otherwise he would't have mentioned it. Would he?)
The injections don't hurt,(well I didn't feel a thing,) and I get another treat, this one must be off, because it tastes rank,(so that's where I get my bad breath from.) I am carried back out to the waiting room and Nick pays the bill, there are so many people out there and they all want to make a fuss of me. I am wagging my tail so hard Julie can hardly hold me, she says it will be so much easier for her when I can walk rather than have to be carried, (that's what she thinks. ha,ha.)
It has now been two weeks since I last went to the vets, and today is the day I have my first walk.
I have never been on a lead before it is quite strange, I want to go one way and the person holding the lead wants to go another.
I am only little, so I do the zigzag, I walk in front of them and then just zigzag, they don't know which way I am going to go, and while they are getting tangled up in the lead I take them in the direction that I want to go. It is so funny that I still do it with Nick now if I can. I am not allowed to do it with Julie. (she can be quite bossy at times.}

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Skeet's new Blog. Rules of the House

Rules of the House
As the days and weeks go by I miss my dog family less.
I have a new family now. I call them my people family.
They provide me with everything I need; food,water,warmth,affection and shelter. All I have to do is look at them with my brown puppy eyes and I get everything I want. But if that doesn't work I just take it and RUN! That was when I found out what fun is. No one can catch me, when I run past them with socks and tea-towels. I can turn faster than them, and if they were goal-keepers their team would be off the league table, they are so bad at judging where I am going to go next. I also like to slam-dunk them when they are not expecting it, I will charge across the room at them from a standing position and launch myself at them. Nick laughs so much I am sure that one day he will have an accident. Talking of which I have had to be housetrained, which means if I need to have a wee or anything else (you work it out) I have to ask to go outside. I am getting quite good, but I do have accidents. Such as when a big monster appears on the telly. Jurassic Park I think it was,then I have to find Julie for a quick cuddle, and to rush me out the backdoor.
I stay with Julie's parents during the day, that is fun,they are older and a bit slower, so I try to behave,but I am only a puppy after all. They will leave papers and slippers around for me to play with. But best of all,they've got a tea-cosy. That gets taken for a run of the house a lot, and I can now make it up the stairs.
Let the fun begin.
Don't forget to check out Julie's new range of Canvas Prints and Greeting Cards (I'm on one)
See you next week

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Hi all just to let you know that you can buy beautiful,well made canvas prints via all my shops. All are printed on a Epson professional large format printer and handstretched onto 1" wide, 3" deep wooden stretcher bars to avoid warping. All of the image wraps around the bars to give you a 3D effect. The canvas is then sprayed to keep the image lighttight and to repel dust and moisture.
They will be posted bubblewrapped to protect them.
Also available a selection of Greeting Cards, printed onto 350g brilliant white card, left blank inside for your own message.
Take a look, I hope you like what you see.
Skeet will be back next week, at the moment he is snoring his head off at my feet.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Greeting Cards

Hi all Skeet's busy at the moment,but he will be blogging again soon just to let you know that I have added GREETING CARDS to my site (there is one of Skeet) so please take a look.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Coming Home

I am in a cage all alone. All my brothers and sisters have gone,(even Lazy has got new owners). But where are mine? Have they forgotten me? Don't they want me anymore?
The doorbell rings, they've come!
I get taken outside for the first time ever,the sights, the sounds, but most of all the smells. I can smell grass, petrol,animals, I can smell my mum Buttons, but I can't see her, I shall never forget her or her smell, ever.
We go for a ride in the car, I like car rides, they take me to all sorts of places. This time though it's to my new home.
I have a bed in the kitchen, it is so new there is no other dog smell on it except mine. I have my own food bowl ( hurrah I don't have to fight for food anymore.) I have my own water bowl, (I don't have to knock Lazy of anymore to get a drink,) and new toys all to myself; bliss.
It is my first night in my new home and I have a bed all to myself, but I miss my brothers and sisters and my mum. I have no one to snuggle up to, I am all alone.
The lady hears my cries and comes downstairs and cuddles and whispers to me until I fall asleep

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Skeet' Blog


Julie is busy at the moment, but she wanted to write a blog but hasn't got time.

So I thought I would do one for her.

Here goes.

It's a Dogs Life.

When we first met.

There are three of us left on the outside. My brothers and sisters are in a big cage. Mum is with us so I don't feel afraid. I feel safe and content because I don't have to share her or her milk with the others.

Suddenly she is up and barking at the front door,the people have come.

Two people walk in, "this is Buttons" says the lady who owns us,"the pups mum". The lady and the man who have just walked in make a big fuss of her. What about me?

I hear Janet my owner telling them that there are only three of us left to home, and that we are all boys. I must try to make a good impression.

The competition in my humble eight week old puppy opinion isn't that great,one of them is tiny, and the other is lazy and has always got his head laid in the water bowl, thats if he isn't staring at the wall all the time,(I really don't know why he does that, I tried it once and it just got boring.)

They are climbing into our pen, quick I have to get to them first.

Oh No the lady has picked up the tiny one. Pick me Pick me.

Lazy boy hasn't moved,I will have to try to get the mans attention, he is so tall, if I sit back on my bottom and lean back and look up at him maybe he'll notice me. They are talking to Tiny, why won't they notice me. I suddenly whine, that's worked, he's looked down. Suddenly he strokes my head and laughs, the lady puts Tiny down and picks me up and cuddles me. Got them got a new home.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First ever blog

So today is the day when I start my first blog. It is my day off I have taken the dog out,done the housework, and got the dinner on.

I am a photographic printer, and a photographer. I have got two men in my life, one is 6 ft 2, which is a bit of a challenge as I am only 4ft 10, and the other is my chunky chocolate lab.

I have recently joined folksy in order to try (and I am very trying apparently) and showcase and hopefully sell some of my images. I also have my own web-site from which can be purchased poster and canvas prints. Please click on the links to take a look.

The picture above is the love of my life he is called Skeet and he is 5years old, but he is a complete maniac and still acts like a pup, but as his owners act like big kids it's probably hardly surprising