Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Long Time No Blog

So it is 3.07 by the sounds going on it must mean the football is about to start.
Have taken refuge with Skeet and the computer, he is crashed out by my feet,(which means I can hardly move) the heat is not good if you have a double fur coat like he has, bless him. We went for his walk in the country lanes at 6.30am,so that we didn't get too hot and bothered.
If you get the chance take a look at I am a featured seller, and Laurie has done a bio of me.
This is going to be a really quick blog because I have still got a lot to do a woman never really gets a day off.
Got to go, mentioned the word bath to Skeet and he's gone!
Come on boy,the buckets of water arn't really for you.

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  1. I always take time to read your most recent blogposts and I hope you can find more time to blog. Keep blogging, please.... here is an encouragement award, passing The Versatile Blogger Award to you: