Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First ever blog

So today is the day when I start my first blog. It is my day off I have taken the dog out,done the housework, and got the dinner on.

I am a photographic printer, and a photographer. I have got two men in my life, one is 6 ft 2, which is a bit of a challenge as I am only 4ft 10, and the other is my chunky chocolate lab.

I have recently joined folksy in order to try (and I am very trying apparently) and showcase and hopefully sell some of my images. I also have my own web-site from which can be purchased poster and canvas prints. Please click on the links to take a look.

The picture above is the love of my life he is called Skeet and he is 5years old, but he is a complete maniac and still acts like a pup, but as his owners act like big kids it's probably hardly surprising