Saturday, 20 March 2010

Coming Home

I am in a cage all alone. All my brothers and sisters have gone,(even Lazy has got new owners). But where are mine? Have they forgotten me? Don't they want me anymore?
The doorbell rings, they've come!
I get taken outside for the first time ever,the sights, the sounds, but most of all the smells. I can smell grass, petrol,animals, I can smell my mum Buttons, but I can't see her, I shall never forget her or her smell, ever.
We go for a ride in the car, I like car rides, they take me to all sorts of places. This time though it's to my new home.
I have a bed in the kitchen, it is so new there is no other dog smell on it except mine. I have my own food bowl ( hurrah I don't have to fight for food anymore.) I have my own water bowl, (I don't have to knock Lazy of anymore to get a drink,) and new toys all to myself; bliss.
It is my first night in my new home and I have a bed all to myself, but I miss my brothers and sisters and my mum. I have no one to snuggle up to, I am all alone.
The lady hears my cries and comes downstairs and cuddles and whispers to me until I fall asleep

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Skeet' Blog


Julie is busy at the moment, but she wanted to write a blog but hasn't got time.

So I thought I would do one for her.

Here goes.

It's a Dogs Life.

When we first met.

There are three of us left on the outside. My brothers and sisters are in a big cage. Mum is with us so I don't feel afraid. I feel safe and content because I don't have to share her or her milk with the others.

Suddenly she is up and barking at the front door,the people have come.

Two people walk in, "this is Buttons" says the lady who owns us,"the pups mum". The lady and the man who have just walked in make a big fuss of her. What about me?

I hear Janet my owner telling them that there are only three of us left to home, and that we are all boys. I must try to make a good impression.

The competition in my humble eight week old puppy opinion isn't that great,one of them is tiny, and the other is lazy and has always got his head laid in the water bowl, thats if he isn't staring at the wall all the time,(I really don't know why he does that, I tried it once and it just got boring.)

They are climbing into our pen, quick I have to get to them first.

Oh No the lady has picked up the tiny one. Pick me Pick me.

Lazy boy hasn't moved,I will have to try to get the mans attention, he is so tall, if I sit back on my bottom and lean back and look up at him maybe he'll notice me. They are talking to Tiny, why won't they notice me. I suddenly whine, that's worked, he's looked down. Suddenly he strokes my head and laughs, the lady puts Tiny down and picks me up and cuddles me. Got them got a new home.