Wednesday, 12 May 2010

When no means no, (and how to get out of trouble)

I am so bad,and I am in so much trouble. They went out without me and I got bored. I am not allowed to chew the doorframe anymore, and they have moved everything in the kitchen out of my reach.
So I don't know how I managed it,but I jumped over the child-gate that keeps me in the kitchen and out of the rest of the house. And then I created bedlam; I have totally wrecked the whole house. I have been in the bedrooms and thrown everything out of the waste bin and torn the bin into pieces, some of it is in the bedroom and some of it is on the stairs, and a lot of it is in the living room.
I have taken all the clothes of the airier and strewn it all over the house, I have totally blitzed the magazines and newspapers. And I have opened up and removed from the packaging their new duvet cover and pillowcases that only arrived this morning. Did I say that I think that I am in big trouble? But if I can get back over the gate and pretend to be asleep, maybe they won't know that I did it.
Well their back, and at first I thought that I had got away with it. For a spilt second they weren't sure if they had been robbed, the house is such a state,and to this day they still don't know how I got over the gate.(I do but I shan't be doing that again)
They decide that I have to be punished,what are they going to do? Are they going to shout at me? Are they going to smack me? Julie is walking towards me. No you are a naughty boy, she says.
I try to cuddle up to her and she tells me to lay on my bed and stay. But I want to make it up to her,but I am told No I must stay in my bed,and then they both walk away from me and close the door.
I feel so bad, it has taken two large black bin liners to clear everything up and they walk past me like I don't exist. The house and the mess have been cleaned up, and they give me what they went out to get, a new bed, I am so bad. Still never mind I am only a puppy, and I know not to do that again,(well not on such a grand scale anyway)
So how did I get round them you ask, well I did the sit down and lean back routine,that I used to get them in the first place. That worked on Nick,Julie was a bit harder,but I just put my head on her lap, and gave her my I am Sooo sorry look, that in the end she had to forgive me. (It works every time)
See you next week.