Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Skeet's new Blog. Rules of the House

Rules of the House
As the days and weeks go by I miss my dog family less.
I have a new family now. I call them my people family.
They provide me with everything I need; food,water,warmth,affection and shelter. All I have to do is look at them with my brown puppy eyes and I get everything I want. But if that doesn't work I just take it and RUN! That was when I found out what fun is. No one can catch me, when I run past them with socks and tea-towels. I can turn faster than them, and if they were goal-keepers their team would be off the league table, they are so bad at judging where I am going to go next. I also like to slam-dunk them when they are not expecting it, I will charge across the room at them from a standing position and launch myself at them. Nick laughs so much I am sure that one day he will have an accident. Talking of which I have had to be housetrained, which means if I need to have a wee or anything else (you work it out) I have to ask to go outside. I am getting quite good, but I do have accidents. Such as when a big monster appears on the telly. Jurassic Park I think it was,then I have to find Julie for a quick cuddle, and to rush me out the backdoor.
I stay with Julie's parents during the day, that is fun,they are older and a bit slower, so I try to behave,but I am only a puppy after all. They will leave papers and slippers around for me to play with. But best of all,they've got a tea-cosy. That gets taken for a run of the house a lot, and I can now make it up the stairs.
Let the fun begin.
Don't forget to check out Julie's new range of Canvas Prints and Greeting Cards (I'm on one)
See you next week

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  1. I'm glad to hear you are settling in so well Skeet!