Thursday, 15 April 2010

Vet and first walk

We are going for a drive in the car. Apparently we are going to the vets,(to see the man in the white coat). I am going to have my last lot of injections. I need to have these so that I am ok to go out for walks. (not quite sure what walks are but I am looking forward to it.) It is a lady in a white coat that I actually see. She makes a big fuss of me and puts me up on a big table. She tries to look into my mouth to make sure that my teeth are growing alright. Nick tells her they seem ok, he says that I have no trouble chewing through the doorframe in the kitchen, I am so proud that I am obviously doing that right,(Well I must be, otherwise he would't have mentioned it. Would he?)
The injections don't hurt,(well I didn't feel a thing,) and I get another treat, this one must be off, because it tastes rank,(so that's where I get my bad breath from.) I am carried back out to the waiting room and Nick pays the bill, there are so many people out there and they all want to make a fuss of me. I am wagging my tail so hard Julie can hardly hold me, she says it will be so much easier for her when I can walk rather than have to be carried, (that's what she thinks. ha,ha.)
It has now been two weeks since I last went to the vets, and today is the day I have my first walk.
I have never been on a lead before it is quite strange, I want to go one way and the person holding the lead wants to go another.
I am only little, so I do the zigzag, I walk in front of them and then just zigzag, they don't know which way I am going to go, and while they are getting tangled up in the lead I take them in the direction that I want to go. It is so funny that I still do it with Nick now if I can. I am not allowed to do it with Julie. (she can be quite bossy at times.}

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